Just Write!

I have been pondering writing a Blog for years now … but things kept getting in the way. Things like piles of laundry, sinks full of dishes, mountains of food, the endless cycle of buying and preparing aforementioned food and the bottomless demands of nursing angst filled children through puberty. You know the drill – it was busy. Eventually though, most of us carve out space for the things we really want. Harder to overcome, are the things in our heads.

And in my head? I felt vulnerable. Most of what I wanted to say and what was relevant in the news at the time, was just too personal a place to start sharing from. Life is complicated and intertwined with the stories of others, which I have no right to tell.

I have been writing – always writing something! Mostly letters. Some of them sent.  Some of them I will share here; looking backwards, to see forwards. Some, will sit waiting to see how courageous I grow as I age. In the mean time, I will just write!

In doing so, I aim to weave together the common threads we share, drawing from the colourful tapestry of people and experiences in my life. I was very fortunate, in my youth, to benefit from the kind of extraordinary mentorship and generosity needed to propel this too-tall girl from too-far North, to the top of the equestrian sport of Eventing, known as the Sport of Kings. It was a crazy ride!

Since then, I have explored working in the horse industry as a coach, a re-trainer of difficult horses, and more recently, as an Equine Assisted Learning Facilitator. I have worked outside of the horse industry, in the Energy Conservation sector, where we lost our shirts – as well as a business, a farm and a cottage. There have been lots of ups and downs. Risks. Failures. Rewards.

Recovering from bankruptcy a year later, I am now working part-time at an inbound call centre, answering bilingual customer service calls for Canada Post, with a specialty in stamps and coin collecting in the Philatelic Centre. Who’d a thunk it?  It is all about the stability and the benefits – a first for us! I spend the balance of my time with my family, on a farm full of dogs, horses, sheep, and chickens and share it through programming with a few very special people.

No shortage of stories to tell! This tapestry of mine has brought together quite a cast of characters that includes all kinds of people – from teenagers with Downe Syndrome, to Captains and Colonels in the army, to members of the Royal Family and the rest of us working shmos, even the animals I work with and the horses who carried me to great heights. In so many ways, we are all the same. We all want the same things – to be heard, understood and accepted for who we are. We all have stories about overcoming obstacles, about being brave. Stories of resilience and finding joy.  Stories about falling down and getting back up again. About stepping off of cliffs and growing wings on the way down.

In honour of my mentors, I will start this blog today, ready or not and take the leap, hoping for wings!

First, a name. My business – life skills facilitation through objective based activities with horses and other animals – is called ‘Take the Lead’. Based largely on the image of my son, eye to eye with a pony, a tiny outstretched hand about to grasp the lead. The moment of connection. Who is leading who? I like the phrase, take the lead. Together with the image, they conjure thoughts of taking someone else’s lead, until eventually taking the lead in your own life. Taking the reins. Taking control. Moving forward. Connecting. The circle of generosity and trust.

I am calling my Blog, ‘Take a Chance’, a phrase one of my mentors, Peter Taylor, used to sign off with, in place of the usual ‘Take Care’. I have adopted it as a phrase and a way of life.  

I Googled ‘Take a Chance’ and this is what I came up with:

People also ask …

What does it mean to take a chance on someone?

take a chance on someone or something. to gamble that something good might happen or that someone might do well; to take a risk that something would go wrong or that someone would do badly.

What is taking a chance?

phrase. When you take a chance, you try to do something although there is a large risk of danger or failure. You take a chance on the weather if you vacation in Maine. Retailers are taking no chances on unknown brands.

How many of Abba are still alive?

How do you take chances?

  1. Risk taking the road less traveled. The road less traveled is a scary road to take. …
  2. Risk getting turned down. …
  3. Risk not getting the job. …
  4. Risk failing. …
  5. Risk putting it all on the line. …
  6. Risk missing out in order to achieve something greater. …
  7. Risk that person not saying “I love you too.” …
  8. Risk making a mistake.

Dedicated to all of those who took a chance on me and invested in my future. Here I am, taking another chance, thanks to you! I hope some of my stories will resonate and spark discussion. 

Take a chance!